My 2 week DETOX


After copious amounts of research 0nline I decided to embark on a 2 week detox.
1. I spend way too much money on junk food
2. I’m going through too many wine bottles a week
3. My love for coffee has turned into an obsession
4. It was 2 weeks until my Mum’s 60th Birthday Party and I wanted to feel and look amazing.

I looked at a few websites and blogs to find a detox routine I knew I could stick with.


I excluded:
1. Wine
2. Coffee
3. Milk/ Dairy
4. Heavy Grains
I included:
1.To start each day – 1 mug of hot water with 1/4 quarter fresh lemon
2. Lots of greens for lunch and dinner!!!
3. Lean meat like chicken
4. Herbal tea for when I craved coffee
5. Carrot Sticks for snacking on

girl running

Day 1 (Monday)
I was actually pretty good on day one. I did have a big weekend and binged on all my favourites (coffee, pizza and wine) so that probably did not help. By the end of the day I was pretty tired and did not make my gym session so that was disappointing. I ended up in bed really early having prepped my food for the week.

Day 2 (Tuesday)
The HEADACHES. I went through serious coffee withdrawal. I felt like a recovering junkie. But I did not succumb to my bodies desperate need for caffeine. I had my lemon and hot water first up which was a struggle to get down but it set the day up right. I was expecting to have more bowel movements but that did not happen. Later, I had a function after work so it was quite tough to say no to a sneaky beverage.

Day 3 (Wednesday)
Feeling very light all over on day three. Throwing back the water like no tomorrow. Have not yet had the expected bowel movements so am waiting for that. Lunch was grilled chicken with a rocket salad and seeds. Actually made it to the gym today with a solid 45minute spin class. Officially could not walk afterwards. Dinner was lamb chops and green vegies.

Day 4 (Thursday)
Started the day at 05:30am with my housemate bursting into my room to get me ready for a 06:00pm spin class. 45minutes later I felt awake and glad I got out of bed. I managed to sit and have my lemon hot water in front of the TV followed by a berry smoothie on coconut water. Work was long but knowing tomorrow was Friday got me through. Dinner was an omelette with tomato, spinach, capsicum and cheese. Still waiting on the expected bowel movements.

Day 5 (Friday)
05:30am wake up again for an Abs, Bum and Thighs class. I was shattered but its Friday so I have nearly got through 1 whole week. Surprisingly the day went really quickly and work was not as busy as it had been so I managed to get out on time. I caught the train home that night to Newcastle and it was long. By the time I got to my parents house I was starving and craving all the bad stuff. Unfortunately, I found a chocolate bar in the fridge. Needless to say that was dinner.

Day 6 (Saturday)
A little down from my chocolate bar dinner last night but I had made plans to go to the beach. So up I got and went for a nice long walk on the beach with a friend followed by a delicious breakfast by the water. I had my first coffee in over 5 days that morning and it was bloody delicious. Also very naughty of me. Lunch was a salad and later I snacked on a banana. I was babysitting my niece and nephew later that night and we went to McDonalds. The kids love that place. I may have indulged in a burger and fries. Naughty Matilda.

Day 7 (Sunday)
Feeling the effects from last nights dinner I swore that today would be better. And that it was with a healthy smoothie for breakfast, chicken with salad for lunch and chicken pad thai for dinner courtesy of SuperFoods my new favourite frozen meal team. That night I prepped food for the week followed by a movie and popcorn.

Day 8 (Monday)
I was so good today. Unfortunately, I had finished work late so I did not get to the gym and dinner was an after thought at 9:00pm.

Day 9 (Tuesday)
05:30am wake up for a total body circuit class. Burned some serious calories that morning. That night a friend was in Sydney for the night so we out for dinner and I broke my promise and had some pizza. It was bloody delicious but made my stomach feel like shit.

Day 10 (Wednesday)
I was very reluctant to get out of bed this morning as the sky was so dark but we made it to the gym for a body pump class at 06:00am. It still hurts to sit down. I was exhausted all throughout the day and wanting a quick energy kick from a coffee but I stayed strong. I was in bed very early that night.

Day 11 (Thursday)
Rise and shine for another 06:00am class. This morning was spin and my legs were not happy. The whole day I was really anxious because that night I was going on a date with a boy. A may have had a cider at dinner to cool my nerves.

Day 12 (Friday)
Today is my last day of my detox. Having had a few cheat days/moments I believe I did come out on top though. I feel lighter and healthy.
I had a very busy day at work followed by a 3 hour drive home to the Hunter Valley for my Mum’s birthday weekend. Lots of champagne to be had.

fresh  run

I can happily say I have lost 5 kgs and I feel a lot fitter. I cannot believe what I use to put my body and mind through before this detox. Since finishing I have decided to maintain my exercise routine and diet. I have included coffee again but I have limited my alcohol intake. I still go to the gym as much as I can and find I enjoy exercising a lot more then when I started this journey.

Good luck to my fellow detoxes out there x

*Photos sourced from Pixabay


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  1. Love this! Inspires me to give a detox a try!😁


  2. I got off the wagon of eating right and exercising from being too busy at work. For weeks now I have been planning on getting back on the wagon. With Thanksgiving tomorrow I will start on Saturday. Will try a new gym out and gets some new workouts together. I have the naughty 6 pounds to loose. I can do it thank you for the boost to get it done.


  3. This sounds like a way better detox than all those stupid shakes and 500 cal diets out there. A really sustainable and healthy way of eating. I really enjoyed the read and am trying to do a similar thing at the moment and cut out the junk and fuel my body with better foods.

    Kayte xx


  4. kellyjbrooksbank December 6, 2016 — 3:18 AM

    wow you’ve done amazing !!! love your blog btw xx


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