The cafe snob!

I cannot agree more with this statement:

“breakfast is the most important meal of the day”.

Whether its morning, afternoon or night – breakfast is my soul food.

Having had this experience as a cook and in hospitality I am picky when it comes to choosing the perfect spot for a decent breakfast and you would think with this growing cafe culture there would be plenty.

I also spend 80% of my weekends in cafes drinking coffee, people watching and playing on my laptop. #notahipster

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My go to checklist for choosing the right spot comes down to my brekkie basics.
1.  Poached eggs.
The problem is not every chief can master the poached egg, especially on a rushed weekend breakfast run with a bus load of hungry customers but it ultimately makes or breaks a meal for me. If I want boiled eggs I would have asked for that – to be completely honest I never take my eggs back.
2. Bacon.
Now I go against popular belief in the bacon department because I am the soft bacon kind of person and to me crunchy bacon is like chewy on those beef jerky strips which takes FOREVER.
3. Baked beans.
With ordering baked beans this is something I have to check up on because it is the most soul crashing feeling when your baked beans arrive at the table and they are just tomato sauce and beans out of a can. I am been to some of the most boutique looking cafes and received sloppy and microwaved canned beans. Tears do run down my face because breakfast beans need to be home made and canned anything at a cafe or restaurant these days is just pathetic.

food-breakfast-fork-bagel  Besides the basics you do want some luxury options on the menu and it is worth checking (on instagram) if the cafe makes homemade muffins, banana bread, ‘real’ fruit smoothies and also what toast they use because no one wants Wonder White on their plate. Artistry sourdough is heaven.

To be even more fussy – I am also a coffee snob and will not trust anyone under the age of 18 to make my coffee. Due to dietary reasons, I have to drink soy milk and as a result I am now the most annoying customer because I like to watch the barista. I look at how they position the jug, I listen for the ‘kissing’ sound and well how they go about the whole process altogether. I cannot and will not drink burnt or damaged milk.


Now all baristas out there – soy milk does not need to be a problem. Please simply do not play with it!!!! I cannot stress this enough. Barista’s also tend to overheat soy milk, please don’t. Just listen to it, if it starts screaming at you than you are killing it.

Despite being fussy and judgy I am always kind-hearted when it comes to eating out because for me the atmosphere is my haven. I love the smell of coffee, the smell of food cooking, the sounds of chatter and the faint cliche cafe music in the background. I am always on the hunt for new spots to try but my favourites are the ones that combine atmosphere, good-natured customer service and a love for cooking quality food with flavour.


My favourites so far (in no particular order):
1. Teale Cafe, East Maitland (best baked beans)
2. Rolador, Hamilton (banana bread)
3. Tropicana, Coogee Beach (try the Tropicana Stack)
4. Brickfields, Chippendale (atmosphere)
5. Suspension, Hamilton (coffee)

Now bring me the bacon!!!

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