20 Single Girl Problems

IMG_20150909_205301Common problems single gals face in their 20s:IMG_20160410_121015

1. Opening those air-tight jars.

man with jar

2. Building flat packs – I laugh and say I am the master of all flat packs but on the weekend when my new bed arrived (in boxes) I prayed for the man of my dreams to walk through the door.


3. Always thinking you have to improve your appearance, shape, size, and look for a man.

4. When you sick and just want someone to want to care for you.


5. Mowing the lawn. The struggle is real.

6. Ongoing awkward flirting at bars.

red wine

7. Going red in the face every time a man talks to you.

8. Wanting to use the saying, ‘I cooked, so you clean’.

9. Dreaming of a romantic picnic but finding yourself with cheap wine, cheese and your housemate on a towel.

girls picnic

10. When you come home from work with a sore back and having to pay a stranger to massage the knots out.

11. When saying ‘I’m having a girls night’ with such excitement as if it was a rare occasion.

12. When a creepy guy hits on you at a club and you don’t have a handsome protector close by.

13. The “so have you meet a man yet?” question from your relatives

Girl Happy Woking On Laptop And Smatphone In Bed

14. When your friend buys you Karmsutra cards but you got no one to play with.

15. Always being the third wheel.

16. Always a bridesmaid never a bride syndrome.

17. When you bump into someone you use to know but don’t like and they’re with their partner and you all alone.

18. Sleeping in Winter and having no one to cuddle up to.

19. Never receiving flowers from a delivery man at work and making your co-workers jealous.


20. Spending your Saturday nights at home watching netflix.


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  1. Mowing the lawn 😂😂😂


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