Coogee, Sydney

I have lived in Sydney for 8 months now. I am happy to report I am alive and reasonsibly well.


My breakdown tally is nearing double digits but I am on a first name basis with my local cafe.

Since moving to the Eastern Suburbs I have become accustom to the three public schools located nearby, my very loud Irish neighbour who likes to take phone calls near my bedroom window at stupid hours of the night and the newborn that cries for cuddles from a nearby apartment building.


Since moving to Sydney, I have learnt that everyone in the city is always running late. No one is on time and it is never their fault. The usual excuses are the bus, the train, the traffic, the weather, this moron and that moron.

Things that bug me about Sydney:

  1. the overcrowding,
  2. the constant queuing,
  3. the rubbish,
  4. the constant construction noise,
  5. people who don’t walk on the left,
  6. people who don’t know how to use an opal card,
  7. the proposed tram line,
  8. the bus timetable,
  9. track work, and
  10. everyone is always in a rush.

I tell myself not to complain as I am living the dream. Let me elaborate on what living the dream looks like…

Until recently, I was sleeping on a second hand mattress on the floor of my tiny bedroom; a bedroom I can barely afford on my big girl job salary in media and for the three days after pay day (which happens to fall on the weekend) I throw money around like it is confetti on food, drinks and clothes.

Despite the eye-rolls from my mother, I am surviving!!!

A very successful lady said once that to be successful you need to take those leaps of faith. Well I am a leaper!!!


And more importantly a dreamer… I have never been one to do anything but take risks, go out on a limb, open closed doors and most importantly sometimes fail.

Recently, I had acquired my first job in media and each day is interesting. I moved to Sydney without knowing if I will ever step foot in a job like the one I have now and yet five months in I am glad I took that leap of faith and moved to Sydney.

Sometimes you will fail but then there are times when someone sees your passion for life and gives you a chance. It is these moments that drive our dreams.

I am not going to lie. The struggle was and is real! At times of real desperation I would sneak on the bus without having money on my opal card, there were days I would live on 2 minute noodles and because I could not afford the train fare home I would ditch my friends and family for a weekend in bed.

All of which I am not proud of but to say the least I am forever grateful for the ongoing support my friends and family give me.

Things I like about Sydney:

  1. the multiculturalism,
  2. the architecture,
  3. the beaches,
  4. the abundance of food options,
  5. the art galleries,
  6. Ubers,
  7. that I still feel like a tourist,
  8. The arty suburbs that are Surry Hills, Chippendale, Newtown,
  9. There is always somewhere newto explore, and
  10. My job!


From tears to laughter, these are the moments that make you human.


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