Happy Birthday to me!!

turkey spice markets 3IMG_2164

25 years young and boy am I proud of myself. And why? Because at 25, I have a full time job in the film industry, I live in a gorgeous apartment by the beach and I have graduated from university. I am also blessed with many great friends and a supportive (sometimes) family.


To be honest, I did imagine 25 looking and feeling a little differently. I could not help but dream that at 25 I would be a tad more successful, perhaps 10kilos lighter, be in love, and living it up in one of my favourite cities in the world, London.

But having said that I have grown to learn to appreciate what I do have and to work hard for what I want. So here is a summary of what I have learnt in my 25 years of living:

  1. Always take time for yourself.
    Be one with your thoughts (insert Buddha quote). But seriously!
  2. Invest in a good pair of leather boots.
    Hells yea!!!
  3. Join a club or two or three.
    Whether a sporting group, gym or art class socialising with adults that share a similar interest is so beneficial mentally and physically.
  4. Never say no to Wine.
    Wine with the girls is always a good idea. Never doubt a night with your girls.
  5. Always buy 2 sets of sheets.
    I hate laundry.
  6. Stay clear of the drama!
    The BITCHES. My tip simply wish them well and move on.
  7. The BF and the BF.
    The best friend and the boy friend. Be open and patient.
  8. Fast Food is NOT your friend.
    Just ask my gut, my waistline and my bank account.
  9. Hangovers will get WORSE with age.
    Netflix and eating pizza help.
  10. Money DOES NOT grow on trees.
    Learn to budget!
    Yes! I speak from experience.
  12. DO NOT be too quick to judge others.
    Often when I have been wary of someone they turn out to be an amazing person.
  13. Be careful of what you publish online.
  14. Be the bigger person.
    Let’s celebrate the successes of others.
  15. Politics are hard.
    Whether it is government politics, work politics, family politics or even life politics they all do my head in.
  16. Change is inevitable.
    I remember the days when, “You’ve change!” was the biggest burn in the playground. Nowadays, I take it as a compliment and you should to.
  17. But first Coffee!
    Yes, the rumours are true.
  18. Do not rely on anyone.
    Needless to say people will let you down.
  19. Time practicality.
    Still working on this.
  20. Blondes do not have more fun!
    My hair dies at the sight of bleach.
  21. Guys do have feelings!! What?!
  22. Honesty is not always the best policy!
    Feelings can get hurt.
  23. There is a song for every mood!
  24. MISTAKES are part of life.
    Cry a little and move on. The world will not end from a mistake you have made.
  25. Be YOURSELF!
    Because everyone else is already taken.



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