The Grounds of Alexandria

A date with Kevin Bacon!

Recently, I went to The Grounds of Alexandria and was shocked that none of my friends informed me of the resident pig – Kevin Bacon.


Everyone raves about The Grounds and you cannot scroll through your Instagram feed without seeing a picture and so I decided to check it out for myself.

I arrived one sunny Saturday to discover The Grounds on a Saturday is probably not the best idea if you do not like crowds but for me I love people so the more the merrier – just do not touch me.


I had some time to kill before I was joined by my friends so I decided to get my bearings on the place.

To paint a picture it is a beautiful place. It is like a nursery with pot plants everywhere and cute little vines making archways into hidden courtyards.


For coffee lovers it is like heaven with an abundant supply of coffee from cute little coffee carts.

Down by the Potting Shed I had found the man of my dreams. Bearded and tattooed with a slight homeless look about him – my kind of man. But next to him was his annoying children and next to them was KEVIN BACON.


Yes, The Grounds has a resident pig! And his name is Kevin Bacon.

I am a simple minded woman so this amused me. I also love pigs. From very little I always wanted a pig and for a while every birthday my parents would buy me stuffed toy pigs. Great joke guys!

Have you ever seen a pig eating a muffin? Well, I have. We followed Kevin into the markets in this a-joining shed and it was there he shared a muffin with some greedy pugs. Cute!


To get a seat for lunch – here is a trick. Arrive early, put your name down and go explore the grounds by the time you are hungry your name will be called. I liked the cafe because it was reasonably priced and a good atmosphere. For more boutique meals and romantic scenery I would recommend trying the Potting Shed.

If you just want something quick there are plenty of takeaway sheds scattered around the place.

Do not forget to bring some cash because chances are you will be going home with a new pot plant.


Now thats a weekend coffee destination.


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