A day in Watson’s Bay

A few weeks ago on one cold wintery day in June I went on an adventure with my parents to Watson’s Bay.


Since moving to Sydney, my parents have become my biggest supporters. But that has not always been the case so I cherish the time I do spend with them because like most twenty something year olds it is only a matter of time before they start asking about career, babies and marriage.

It was a nice sunny winters day as I walked hand in hand with my dad along the water to join the crowd of onlookers as swimmers emerged from the icy water. Apparently, they had just swam a leisurely 10 kms that morning. It always amazes me how active people are on Sundays.


We sat on the sand and watched as the crowd of locals cheered on their friends and family from young to old it was the fittest of the fit running along the sand.

We continued to walk toward South Head where the streets were lined with adorable cottages, which would go for millions in an auction but looked effortlessly chic.

Further down by the water we joined a path that took us out around the cliff face of South Head with the most spectacular view of the city skyline.

From here you could see the harbour, the city and Manly. It reminded me of the New York skyline from Brooklyn. I had never seen Sydney from this perspective and it was amazing.


Passing some nudest at Lady Bay Beach we continued to walk along the path following the rows of sail boats as they sliced into the waves near the head. Just around the bend at the tip of the cliff we spotted this gorgeous lighthouse.

I have always had a thing for lighthouses. I think it is because I grew up watching ‘Round the Twist’ or maybe because they connote adventure and lands beyond the horizon. But I love them and the Hornby Lighthouse which sits on the tip of South Head is my new favourite.


The lighthouse was kind of hidden around the corner of the path and then it jumps out at you with red and white stripes like a clown. It had an amusing and whimsical nature about it that had me smiling ear to ear.

I could not believe how good this day turned out and the sights that I got to see thanks to my parents. It goes to show no matter your age or where you are in the world there will always be an adventure around the corner.



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