the hunter girl

Tinder has a very different outlook on dating compared to those romantic comedies us nineties babies grew up watching.

The dreams of meeting your prince charming on the bus as you both reach for the ‘stop’ button, your hands touch, you lock eyes and fall madly in love does not exist anymore.

I always say I want to meet my perfect man by accident or fate.

For example, when I venture down a street I have never taken, lost in the beauty around me and then I bump into this kind, beautiful yet humble man and our love takes us to travel the world together.

Hopeless, I know but I still tell this story to everyone when they ask why i am 24 yo and still single.

For those of my fellow ladies still chanting to Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” life is rough when that moment of meeting your perfect man according to fate simply does not exist.

‘Put yourself out there’ is the advice I receive all-the-time.

It is a tad hard when every Tom, Dick and Harry in the pub are on their phones snap chatting, instagramming or tindering.

Honestly, Tinder has ruined romance entirely.

Firstly, it is completely based on judging someone on their appearance.

Secondly, it is riddled with gym selfies.

There we have it yet another platform conquered by the rising gym culture, like what are you suppose to say ‘congrats on exercising but want to go get some Maccas?’.

Thirdly, as a female I like to talk but no one can hold a sentence together.

‘DTF’, really?

Let us be honest, chances of me saying yes to DTF are slim when the only time I check Tinder is at home, in bed and half-asleep.

There is nothing sexy about DTF at 10pm on a weeknight with hairy legs (because I am lazy), track pants, my ever-matted hair and a very unimpressed face.

Disregarding the human need to be loved, being single should not be condemned by others.

Single is not a crime against nature, it is a time in life to rejoice, to spread out in the bed, eat a whole pizza without judgement, watch those ‘guilty-pleasure’ movies and avoid men with all their macho feelings.

To all my spinsters out there who still believe in fate and romance let us take it back and ultimately not succumb to the peer pressures of social media.

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