the hunter girl

Manning is an adjective my girl friends and I created in our teens, where we would sit and scan for men.

Years later and we are still those giggling teenage girls ‘manning’ around every pub, club, beach and cafe.

You name it, we have manned there and will continue manning until we find out man.

We are not subtle about our manning process and many bystanders have caught us in the act often what the hell are we doing. Some times this works in our favour, often it does not.

I know it sounds a tad crazy and yes it may be but if men can perve so can women, we are just creating a sport out of it.

To begin, we put on the prettiest and sexist outfit we own, put our face on, have a glass of wine and we are good to go.

In my years of experience, manning is better done at a bar or pub as most 20 something men like to sink a few beers down with their mates.

Position yourself with a 360 degree manning range and this is often on those round bar tables at the front.

Pull up a couple of extra seats just in case your manning is successful.

Try not to lean, or seem disinterested and if this occurs you obviously need a drink so head to the bar.

Have some laughs with your friends because smiles are attractive.

Manning is a team sport so help a sister out and identify the potentials.

As they night continues, make eye contact with a couple of your finalists to let them know you exist.

Ding, ding we have a winner, he is heading towards you, you smile and flirt with your eyelashes as he leans in… to ask for the time.

“Your time is now,” you reply.

Manning success as he takes that seat next to you and waves to his friends to join.

You turn to your friend and smile that smile of success.

All in all, that is the dream of what I have hoped my manning to result in.

The key ladies is to not give up, enjoy your single nights out with your favourite girl friends and one day you might succeed but until then have fun.


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