I Forgot

the hunter girl

The only thing I can remember about my memory is it SUCKS!

I always had a relatively weak memory when it came to important things such as dates, deadlines, and names.

Recently, I have been aware of how my lack of memory is impacting greatly on my life and the lives of those around me.

When it comes to replying to messages or phone calls I admit 100% fault in not replying immediately and often the result replies never happen.

“You obviously don’t care,” my Mum says.

“You only remember what you want to remember,” she continues.

“Stop acting like a child, your accuses won’t survive in the real world,” shes finishes.

My Mum is the first one to put me in my place and she becoming more and more accurate as I am learning as an adult I can no longer use the ‘I forgot’ excuse.

In my defense I believe it is a real problem and at time illness.

For instance, recently I have become a custom to calling a locksmith to break into my apartment and they do not come cheap I should get discounts for loyalty.

My friends are constantly burdened with my ongoing search for my phone, which likes to play hide and seek with me daily.

How about, I forgot I was on my period moments. Now they are not as fun but believe me they happen more than I would like to admit.

Yes, humiliating myself in public as come to an all time high. But at this rate I will never have to buy tampons because I simply make awkward small talk with every girl I meet in the bathroom.

Even more drastic is when you forget to fill your script at the chemist before running out of meds and even worse still money.

For someone who needs her daily dose of happy pills it is not an ideal situation to put yourself in.

Now forgetting to eat is a real deal and people laugh but when you are so high on coffee while in the zone you forget you have a stomach.

On the food topic, food poisoning is a real thing as I have discovered from eating my prepared lunches and dinners because I forget when I purchased the food as well as the day I cooked it.

All in all though, I never blame someone else for my problems as I am the first to admit my memory is a serious illness.

As my Mum’s voice echos in my head I have taken steps to tackle this issue by de-cluttering my house, writing things down constantly, setting reminders and repeating things in my head.

First step to recovery is admitting you have a problem the rest is up to you.

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